Day Time Conference Dinner Session

08:00 - 09:00 Registration and Morning Tea

09:00 - 09:10 Openning Remarks

09:10 - 10:30 Conference Session

Keynote Speech

Conference Session
Philippines Retail Landscape, Performance, Trends and Predictions to 2020
Going Omni-Channels and Embracing new retailing
Understanding the young consumers and the future buying behaviors
What is the the true meaning of Omni Channel Retailing
Linking CRM to your Omni Channel Strategy; Digitalizing In-Store Customer Experience
Providing your Customer more payment options
Definition of New Retailing & Is the Philippines ready?

10:30 - 11:10 Morning Tea Break Session

11:10 - 12:10 Conference Session

Keynote Speech & Panel Discussion

Technologies that hep Malls & Supermarkets to Create Irresistible Experiences
Challenges and opportunities for traditional retailers and the transformation to new retailing by technology innovations
What are the Criteria of Shoppers-Friendly Malls / Shops
Technological Advancement for Better Shopping Experiences and attract cyber shoppers back

12:10 - 13:20 Lunch Break

13:20 - 14:50 Conference Session

Keynote Speech

Supply Chain Visibility & Connectivity: From Theory to Practice
retailing in a connected world
Connectivity-Visibility-Optimization: Three keys for a great warehouse system
E Commerce Challenges and Inner City Distribution

14:50 - 15:30 Tea Break

15:30 - 17:00 Conference Session

Keynote Speech & Panel Discussion

Retail Innovations: artificial intelligence in Retailing and New Species
Global perspective, what are the new retail species coming up?
Artificial Intelligence in Retail – some Present and Future Use Cases

17:00 - 17:20 Conference Session

Photo Session + Lucky Draw + Close of Day Time Event

17:20 - 17:30 Networking

Day Time Conference Dinner Session

18:00 - 18:10 Dinner Session Registration

18:10 - 18:20 Opening remarks by Dinner Sponsor

18:20 - 20:20 Conference Session

Dinner + Cocktail Party + Lucky Draw

Dinner + Cocktail Party + Lucky Draw
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20:20 - 20:30 Close of the Event